Private Lessons with Toludare Toluwalope

Private Lesson on Hand-built (teapot/mugs) with Tolu

Double Session:

Cost: $195

Private classes are good for couples hangout, friends hangout and individual learning experience. Additional participant space and add ons available for purchase on both hand building and throwing classes.

Session 1:

Students will be guided through making a project from the available options (Teapot, Mug, Vase), or the student as well can choose a project of choice in which Tolu will guide the student in achieving a good result from such project.

Students who are interested in wheel throwing should indicate at the point of booking.

Session 2:

Students will only come back to paint or glaze their pieces themselves.

Please contact Toludare Toluwalope at to register.

Meet The Instructor

Elise Nadeau

Toludare Toluwalope

Toludare Toluwalope (Ph.D) is a professional ceramics from Nigeria. He recently moved to Canada with his family. He’s a graduate of Industrial Design (Ceramics option) from Federal University of Technology Akure, Nigeria. He’s been teaching ceramics in the higher institution since 2013 and has subsequently supervised and graduated students. His curiosity for ceramics has been more of someone who loves to solve mysteries behind ceramics, which is evident in his scientific research publications.

He also has passion for pottery, which makes him love creating large forms on the throwing wheel with decorations that are catching to the eyes. He creates harmony for thrown forms with dexterity showing African/Asian master class. He is a ceramist with core of his interest focused on ceramic practice both at contemporary and technical level with nitty-gritty of ceramic materials and analytical study of material behaviour. Due to non-availability of indigenous
glazes in Nigeria, he developed an interest in formulating a workable “zero cost” decorative glaze using waste materials materials within his disposal. He got a grant in the past on development of electrical porcelain insulators using indigenous materials. He’s learnt ceramics in the crudest way and has understanding of working things around to get any desired result in ceramics.

Some of his work