Photography Classes

Photography Classes

Basic Darkroom
This introductory level class will cover the basic photographic principles of how to shoot, develop and print images using black and white film and photographic paper. A new assignment/challenge each week will help students understand and explore different aspects of black and white photography.

Pinhole Photography
What does a camera look like? By constructing pinhole cameras out of found objects and containers, students will gain a practical understanding of basic photographic principles like focal length, film plane, aperture and exposure. They will also learn how they can manipulate these principles to create unique images and perspectives that are not possible with even the most sophisticated commercial photographic equipment. No photographic experience is required.

Tricks with Light
A camera is not so much a thing as it is a way of seeing things, and a photograph doesn’t always fit into a frame. Try a variety of printing, image transfer and projection techniques with a wide variety of media such as altered slides, polymer clay, camera obscuras, emulsions, photograms, film, digital photography and video. This is a good course for those who are interested in photography yet have no experience, as well as for photographers who want to experiment with something different.

Liquid Photographic Emulsion
Students will explore the many exciting uses of liquid photographic emulsions to create images on a wide range of media, including paper, fabric, ceramic, plastic and glass. Photographers will begin to look at their images and printing media in entirely new and different ways. This class is recommended for students with any basic darkroom experience in black and white photo printing.

Photography For Artists
Artists will learn the basics of lighting and shooting two and three-dimensional works for the use of documentation, publication, submissions/applications, or reproduction as prints. Includes a short introduction to basic digital post-processing. Participants are encouraged to bring in a few pieces of work to be photographed.

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